Monday, December 21, 2009

Jinky Young closing in to her late father's inheritance

So far, it seems that the "rightful" claimant to Bobby Fischer's inheritance is going the right track quite smoothly and as expected, so it appears. Jinky Young, Bobby's 6 years old daughter undergo a DNA testing in a hospital in Iceland where ironically, is the same hospital Bobby Fischer died. The result turn out to be positive. According to Young's lawyer Samuel Estimo, Jinky is supposed to received 1.5 million euros or 100 million pesos worth of inheritance not including the sum Jinky will received from the gross from the upcoming film about Fischer, “Bobby Fischer Goes to War” and the gold holdings deposited at the Landsbanki Islands. Full stories can be read at Frank Pestaño chess blog, Chessmoso.

“The Magistrate of Iceland will uphold Jinky’s claim, which means that she will get two-thirds of Fischer’s estate,” said Bogason.

“That is on the assumption that Ms. Miyoko Watai’s supposed marriage to Bobby Fischer will be affirmed by the Icelandic Supreme Court. Otherwise, Jinky will collect the whole of Bobby’s estate,” concluded Estimo.

In an e-mail to me dated a few days ago, Estimo said ,“In a decision dated Dec. 8, 2009, the Supreme Court of Iceland thumbed down the marriage of Japanese Miyoko Watai to Bobby for failure to submit the original copy of their alleged marriage contract after several directives to submit the same.”

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