Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wesley So confirmed he's ready for SPICE Cup 2010

As just announced in Susan Polgar blog, GM Wesley So sent his confirmation to Polgar that he'll be participating in the A Group of SPICE Cup 2010. And yes, there will be new rules to prevent early draws that plague the 2009 tournament. At the 2009 edition, So produced eight draws in 9 games and many of them, according Susan herself, where offered by So's opponents. These new rules will be implemented. No draw offer allowed prior to move 30 and a win will score 3 points, a draw score 1 point, and loss 0 point. Other early birds in the A group are as follows; GM Georg Meier (Germany), GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (Norway), GM Ray Robson (USA) and GM Eugene Perelshteyn (USA).

So is set to compete in the B group of Corus next January 2010 as he is automatically qualified after winning the C group last year.

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