Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Vibrations 2010

Wesley So's rating chart: I'm pickin' up good vibrations...

Just two months ago, Wesley So dropped out in the FIDE ratings of the top 100 players in the world after almost a year of staying with the world's elites. It breaks the hearts of many. Two months later, he's back in the rating board with a vengeance, ranking him at no.77 in the world and beating some of the best in the business in the process. With a rating of 2656, gaining 16 points from his previous 2640, Wesley is officially the highest rated Filipino ever to achieved the feat. All 16 years of age of him.

The Philippines also barges into top 30 nations by ranking at no.29. The country's best place in many years with an average rating of its top 10 players of 2524. Norway, the Philippines rival for the spot in the top 30 is now a step ahead of us, placing them at no. 26 with top 10 players rating of 2543. One thing is for sure though. These are two emerging chess nations and the success of both Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So produced a positive effect to their respective homeland. Our neighboring chess country, Vietnam (2500) is ranked no. 36.

The Philippines (2524) is the 4th best chess nation in Asia behind China (2643) India (2635) and Uzbekistan (2540).

Back to Wesley So. I just hate to make premature comparison or prediction. It just excite one's imagination but it all seems inappropriate. Or maybe this chess blogger is just a coward. But at certain level of chess, at same age of 16, Magnus Carlsen rating back then, 3 years ago is 2690. I say that says something. It all ends there. I'm not saying that Wesley will be in the same level of what Magnus is enjoying right now or even getting close to it. What my feeling tells me at this moment is that Wesley will be among the top 50 or even top 30 players in the world a few years from now or before he turns 20. Perhaps that is safe to say at least?

I wish it will be a great year for Philippine chess. A blessed and prosperous New Year to all and let the fireworks begins!!

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Tony said...

Hi Des,

Happy New Year!

I've also noted GMs Joey and Darwin enjoying 'new highs' in their ELO for Nov/Jan as well. Wesley's trailblazing is also important, it makes Pinoys realize we can achieve more.

Hope our other GMs also get their 'second wind' including John Paul,Eugene and Mark, and more GMs.
It will just make Philippine chess stronger.

I look forward to the Asian edition of the 'Battle of GMs' for our Pinoy GMs to show their new-found confidence and strength!

Des Catolos said...

Hi Tony,

You are now officially a contributor like Marlon Bernardino and boss Andrade in this blog of ours :) I'll make a separate post for this one and those from the old vanguard. If you want to write or I missed something please feel free to send us an email. Unfortunately, I can't pay at the moment since this is a free site :D


Tony said...

Hi Des,

Thats very nice of you.

Thats ok, its a hobby and my advocacy is 'youth sports development', started pa earlier with my eldest son who's into basketball.

Pero maybe in 5 years' time (when 55yrs old na) and not able to work in a stressful enviro, looking at chess for a '2nd career' (retirement mode)....

For now, its 'pro bono' or as I kid
the school sports admin 'pro abono',
kasi parents ang gumagastos he he!