Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rogelio Antonio, Darwin Laylo also reached their all time highs

We were so immersed on Wesley So and his recent return into the top 100 that we failed to notice or pay attention to two Filipinos currently occupying the no.2 and no.3 spot in the national rankings that also made quite a progress of their own over time and reached their all time highs as well in FIDE rating points. We're talking about World Cup of Chess veterans, GM Rogelio Antonio and GM Darwin Laylo, who also deserves the limelight that Wesley So is enjoying at this moment especially GM Antonio who will turn 48 next month and it all clear that his passion and stamina for the game never dwindles through the passing of time, if we will allow to use the basis of my argument, of course. Antonio just shed -2 from his previous and all time high rating of 2574 he recorded last November of 2009 while the 29 year old GM Darwin Laylo also recorded his highest rating ever this January of 2556.

Thanks to Tony Navarro for quickly pointing this one out to us.


Tony said...

Thanks Des for noting.

It would be faily obvious these 3 'hot' chess stars would be the anchor for the Olympiad team.

For the rest of the slots, I think it would be an objective gauge would be the ELO 'or average ELO',
say if its said 2500 and above,JP and Eugene would be in, as Banjo is in the US.

rjsolcruz said...


MERALCO Chess Club is hosting a simul match by GM Villamayor for the benefit of the RP Paralympics Chess Team on January 16 Sat 9am. Details on GM Villamayor's page. God bless.


Tony said...

Hi Des,

Corus is just about a week away, hope the Pinoy commentator pushes through, that would also be another milestone.

And if firmed up, would suggest to announce in your blog.