Friday, January 15, 2010

Alexandra Kosteniuk beats Magnus Carlsen

This video from womens grandmaster and current Womens' World champ, GM Alexandra Kosteniuk official website captured the moment when at the World Blitz Chess Championship held last November 16 in Moscow, Magnus Carlsen (2801) commits a horrendous blunder against Kosteniuk (2507) after white's 43rd move, loosing a rook. Actually, Carlsen lost the game by touch-move rule. No other than her highness Alexandra Kosteniuk relates proudly the game who appears to have established a studio (or a throne) of her own, set up a camera or cameraman/woman just for this very special occasion. There are lots of replays and slow motion and yes, even "super" slow motions here to savor the moment of her victory like those slow mow knock out punches we've seen in many Manny Pacquiao thrown in boxing. Anyway, that was quite understandable since not many had succeeded in defeating Carlsen in the past, much a woman!

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