Saturday, January 9, 2010

Street chess fighters

Ugly fighting incidents such as chess fights do happens in most chess parks all over the country, particularly those who are regulars of Rizal Park and Quezon Memorial Circle where Mafias literally run the chess parks. Better believe it or not, a fist fight over a simple game of pustahan or game betting for mere 20 pesos even from among the crowds can break any minute. Some years ago, we personally witness one dispute when a middle aged man chess hustler got irked after failing to employ his dirty tricks, throws a chess piece into the chest of his opponent who's still wearing his high school uniform! Fortunately, we haven't heard occurrences like this for quite a while and not as violent as this chess dispute in Bridgeport USA when a man stabs his opponent as reported from

A man was seriously wounded after he was stabbed in the stomach with a plastic snow shovel during a dispute over a chess game.

Ronald Swinton, 46, of Somers Street, is charged with stabbing his neighbor and one-time friend, Robert Spears, 39, of Wood Avenue, with the shovel when he came to his door Tuesday night, police said.

"These guys were fighting over a chess match that took place several weeks ago," said Detective Keith Bryant, police spokesman. "It's a bowl of beef stew."

Swinton contended that Spears owes him money for the game, Bryant said, while Spears claims he won fair and square.

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