Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alexandra Kosteniuk joins live game commentators team for Chessdom

The women grandmaster who defeated both Anand and Carlsen at the 2009 World Blitz Chess Championship in Moscow has joined the live game commentator and will start her duty this coming Linares chess 2010 on February. Kosteniuk was quoted as saying, "Both to promote chess and to cooperate with your top website, I will gladly join the Chessdom commentators team, " shared Kosteniuk. "I will now participate in Gibraltar Chess Festival and other events and come back to join during Linares 2010." The video below is between the king and queen of chess at the present, Vishwanathan Anand and Alexandra Kosteniuk. The win of Kosteniuk against Anand in this game is far more convincing than her win against Carlsen so you don't want to miss this one out. Although impressive with her result against two of the best chess player in the world, Anand and Carlsen, Kosteniuk eventually finished the championship in 22nd place with 12.5 points to Carlsen 31.0 (the eventual winner of the championship), and Anand 28.0 to finished second behind Carlsen

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