Monday, January 11, 2010

If there were an award for game of the millennium, it would belong to chess --Jim Celone

Not getting enough of chess? Here's another one. This article is very cute and inspiring. I'm that nerd enough to understand everything Jim Celone has to say about the almost endless benefit of chess. That's the reason why writing about chess is more fun and worthy to burn one's time in a sleepy afternoon more than any other sport. (I think boxing writers these days are some of the most stressed writer/journalist in the world) Just like what Mr Bobby Ang said, chess should make one a better person (did I get them right?). Excerpt from section, Skittles Room

To the players, the game is like an unfolding drama…. The players live through the emotions of an exciting story…. Chess has a powerful aesthetic appeal. The best chess games are works of art. They are the products of original and creative thinking…. The beauty of chess is as compelling and pleasure giving as any other art form. The endless opportunities for creating new combinations in chess are perhaps comparable to painting or music.

An intriguing phenomenon that links mathematics, music and chess is the fact that child prodigies have been known only in these three fields. That children have never produced a masterwork in painting, sculpture, or literature seems only natural when we consider their limited experience of life. In music, chess, or mathematics, that experience is not needed. Here, children can shine, because native gifts are the dominant factor. Aesthetic sensitiveness and ability to think logically are certain inborn qualities. How, otherwise, could Mozart have composed a minuet, and actually written it down, before he was four years of age? How could Gauss, before he was three years old, and before he knew how to write, have corrected the total of a lengthy addition he saw his father do? How could Sammy Reshevsky play ten games of chess simultaneously when he was only six?

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