Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Corus Chess 2010: So-Akobian, draw (In which Akobian must have known what Aikido is)

Nothing close to scoring Wesley So's first victory after three rounds of Corus B than what we saw in the 3rd round against American Varuzhan Akobian last night. Akobian simply make use of Wesley's excitement over his huge time advantage to his own advantage, Aikido style, and force the game in a virtual blitz game going into the final exchanges before the draw was agreed after white's 33rd moves. What GM Villamayor truly saw in this game is the winning chances Wesley missed. Villamayor wrote:

Wesley could have gotten a huge advantage after 25.Rxc4, maybe he missed something in his calculations and probably tempted by Akobian's time shortage and executed the unclear 25.Re3 scheme...

The crucial part of white came from 25th Re3...which was unclear...best should be 25. Rxc4, which could have gained the dangerous c-pawn by black and head for a pawn advantage heavy piece endgame.

The final position we see Q vs. 2Rs is very difficult for white to win...at this point black's Rd7 consolidates the defense...it is very difficult to create any breakthroughs.
We have to give credit to Akobian's stiff resistance...he played resourcefully after Wesly's 25.Re3 in time trouble...

Wesley barely escape with a draw in his first round game against the top seed Naiditsch, a quite 23 move draw in the 2nd against L'Ami and now the lost opportunity in the third round may suggest that Wesley has yet to unleash the true potential that he has. But fans of Wesley should be happy nonetheless to see that he is slowly forming up as shown in the Akobian game. Today's game will be the battle of Asian prodigies. Wesley's next opponent will be India's Parimarjan Negi (16), as you may probably know, he is the second youngest grandmaster in the history of chess. This game should be explosive!

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