Thursday, January 7, 2010

More photo impressions from 3rd Gathering of Knights and Kings

For the record, this chess blogger is experimenting on something and immediately got hooked on an art called photography. We just have new passions around. I've visited Rizal Park and Quezon Memorial circle lately, two places that can be easily called (street) chess capital of the Philippines and we took some nice shots there. Hope we can improve overtime. In the meantime, I just added here more photos from the recent 3rd Gathering of Knights and Kings held last December 27. We're glad that many of our masters are very cooperative and so we dedicate this photos to no other than these people.


Bong Pangilinan said...

Des, copy ako ng pic ni Stephen. Thanks. More power to you!

Des Catolos said...

No problem Bong. Feel free to copy them.