Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chess still leaves no big impression to most Asian media in 2009

Fact is, despite the success of many Asians in this sport in many international competition this year, it seems that it still produces very little effect to elevate it status from being underrated, to at least being appreciated in most Asian media (except for this one, Cnngo's Asia's Greatest Sports Hero where they honored and put Anand in the same class with Japanese Takeru Kobayashi, the world champion eater!). In this report from, Sports: Asia leaves its mark on 2009 there are no single names being mention from the sport of chess. Names such as world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand, Hou Yifan, Parimarjan Negi, Wang Yue or even Wesley So (not in the Philippines, his name can be found in both print and electronic) as well as other chess players in the region who made a huge impression around the world has been omitted and once again, "unjustly" left out in their yearly reports and accolades of notable sports development in the region for the past years.


Anonymous said...

chess will be always be a very small minority spectator game

goflavenido said...

Chess is a thinking game. Chess players uses more brain power than muscle power. Sportsmen that use more muscle power are instant celebrities. Spectators, games officials, judges and even non sports minded people will love them because of the human's natural instinct to love visual and physical action. The action in chess games mostly happens inside the players mind-understood only by those who love the sport. Although not very popular, their sports level are higher. Chess players are like academic scholars. Other sportsmen are mere sports scholars.