Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey, what are we doing when we were a teenager? Wesley So just turns 16 today!

At 13 years of age, the hero child chess prodigy who literally carry the sport alone on his fragile little shoulders and brought Philippine chess back into international chess scene just turned 16 today, October 9. Very few young people in the country today had yet to achieved what Wesley had accomplished by far. Countless winning tournaments, recognitions, awards and to established a horde of fanatic followers around the world is an achievement itself we could only be proud that he is one of us. Where and what are we doing when we were just 16? Some of us may probably glued in front of our TV screen still watching a fox in its endless and futile chase of a large bird that can run very fast!

GM Wesley So's next major tournament will be the World Junior Chess Championship that will be held from October 21 to November 4 in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

In the meantime we would like to wish GM Wesley So a happy birthday and wish him more success and birthdays to come.

Just stay away from the girls at the moment Wes ;)


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way to go Wesley. All the best! We're all proud of you.

Anonymous said...

way to go? after the dismal showing at the Spice Cup?