Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is Peruvian Jorge Cori the youngest GM in the world? just released a claim that South America just produced the youngest chess grandmaster in the world, and 9th in the history of chess. And we are talking about the Peruvian chess prodigy, Jorge Cori, age 14 and 12 months old. But with a rating of just 2445, Cori may fell short of the distinction. Even though he has achieved 3 GM norms, he will not be awarded the GM title until he has a rating of 2500 or over because FIDE still requires every aspiring GM who notch their third and final norm to raise, if they haven't done so, their rating to 2500 to be considered a full time grandmaster. Should we say, he's currently a GM elect instead?

But on the other hand, if his recent results not yet counted, say later tournament he participated before the article got published at Living, and subsequently brings him a whopping 55 extra rating points, and it "count" retrospectively from the day he completed his norms, then we may have indeed the newest and the youngest chess grandmaster previously held by Anish Giri.

We haven't heard anything from other giant chess sites such as chessdom, chessbase, chessvibes et al about the news to verify the claim. Let us wait and see.

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From chessdom
" Jorge Cori (Peru) became the youngest GM in the world.At 14 years and 2 months he conquered the final GM norm at the International Marcel Duchamp Championship in Argentina".