Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chess in building child's self confidence

We know that building self confidence early in a child's life can bring positive results as the child grow up. We all know it. Question is, how? You guessed it right. Teach them to play chess! Why chess? Here's from an article by Frank “Boy” Pestaño for SunStar.com, Building Child's Self Confidence, as republished in his chess blog, Chessmoso. You may have already read countless of times in the past about the benefit of chess to everyone but hey, just one more push! We are all in one here anyway.

Playing chess has many benefits and one is promoting self-confidence. You can learn many techniques and skills that you can apply in daily life.

Every time you win a game, you improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

Chess is a thinking game. It is a fair game in that the player is responsible for the fate of the game and there is no other intervention in the game either in the form of luck or chance.

If children were taught this noble game at a tender age and encouraged to play, they would perform better in academically and outshine others.

If your child has a history of school failure and academic problems, teach him/her to play chess. In due time, you will see great improvements not only in the personality but also in the intellectual capacity of the child

Chess players show intense concentration, abstract thinking, and mental strategies that are extremely difficult to understand and learn.

With more self-confidence, you can face the many difficulties of life. A child develops the attitude that he can do it and that he can achieve his dreams.

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