Friday, October 30, 2009

3rd Asian Indoor Games: with strong typhoon coming, better stay and play indoors.

The 3rd edition of the Asian Indoor Games begins today in Hanoi Vietnam. According to Vietnamese media, if this is not an exaggerated one, they are expecting more than 3 billion audiences in 45 countries. Vietnam by the way is also expecting a strong typhoon after it hits the Philippines Friday evening so I guess staying and playing indoors is truly a wise decision. Focusing on chess, the country will be represented by GM Joey Antonio and GM Mark Paragua while two of the most familiar faces in womens local chess today, WFMs Caterine Pereña and Shercila Cua represents the fairer sex division.

GMs Paragua and Antonio has two separate mission later this year. Paragua, as we all know by now, is aiming to set a new world record for simultaneous chess "1 vs. 600: beat the Mark" while Antonio will be heading for the world cup of chess in an attempt for a "decent" finish.

Strong typhoon is coming and I say stay indoors!

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