Sunday, October 4, 2009

PGN for sale anyone?

I think it was early this year, at the Battle of Grandmaster held in Dapitan when we first received an email, offering us a couple of recorded games from the event in exchange of a fee. Unfortunately, I had to respectfully decline. ChessHeroes blog, being a pure volunteerism on our part, couldn't do much to spend a couple of money for such an offer, much as we love to have them. In fact, as far as I know, PGN shouldn't be made for sale. Since the PGMA Cup started more than a week ago, our friends were asking where we could find, if we can't post anything here, the PGN or replays of games, causing some unnecessary stress to everyone. But like them, believe me, yours truly is also in the same plight as everyone else on where we could find one. Unfortunately, the NCFP site doesn't have an official media partner to do task of uploading PGNs, taking photos or conduct an interview with players. We have to cope with that.

The moment somebody notifies us where we can get the PGNs of the games, we will link it to this blog. For now, let us just enjoy whatever little resources available for us.

5th Pichay Cup standings after 3 rounds

Round 3 results
Round 4 pairings


Anonymous said...

That's one problem with the exposure of chess in the Philippines. They think the PGN's are for sale? How can they solicit as many followers if they have minds like that?

Des Catolos said...

Actually I already track it. He's not a master but just a casual chess fans who took the games not from the actual tournament but through thinking I'm not aware with that one!