Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chessbomb needs some tweaking with IE 8 but runs fine on Chrome and Firefox

Yesterday, Chessdom in partnership with Chessbomb, just introduced to the chess community a new impressive feature on their site that will enable the readers to follow a real time, live chess game directly on their browser, automatically and with computer analysis provided by Rybka and Toga while human commentary will of course, be taken care of the Chessdom staffs.

I used three browsers for particular purposes. IE, Firefox and Chrome. I usually used Chrome when watching live chess games since Chrome appears to have solved most of the problems that Javascript and Flash based applications have been encountering with IE and Firefox without bothering for some "add-ons" like Java and Flash. Sites that don't depend on Java and flash like chessbomb, (still in beta) rely solely on the compatibility of the browser. Here's my take. I think chessbomb runs great with Chrome, next is Firefox. I noticed that in IE, when you are following all the featured games and click an application on any of the toolbar, IE tends to wait for the ply to be completed before Rybka or any computer software it is using to analyze the position before responding with your request. Of course this sounds not a very big deal but I noticed that Chrome on the other hand seems to handled this issue more comfortably. Firefox, though not as impressive as Chrome in this matter, fairs better than IE.

Other than that, I experience no problem (by far) with chessbomb. It is easy to use and one great thing is you could follow the games and leave them on separate tabs without totally navigating away from the games and still, you have the games being played live and automatically! Traditional live games viewer can't do that. If you left and just return, you have to refresh the browser.

I noticed that watching an ongoing games on multiple tabs instead of watching 4 or more games on a single tab runs much fine but that is somewhat confusing.

I think Chrome and Firefox will make the most out of this new technology in internet chess. But again, we have our own preferences, of course. You can view them at any browser you like. But for great live chess experience, I suggest using Chrome and Firefox. Haven't taken my shot on Opera, Safari etc. Maybe, later.

In the meantime, you can start singing "...chessbomb, chessbomb, you're my chessbomb."

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Master said...

Why what? You're still using IE? I pity you!