Thursday, April 2, 2009

No recession for Eugene Torre

What recession?

Since tomfoolery is officially over, now it's time to get serious again. Though people choice of topic these days is about the meteoric rise of Wesley So who now barge into top 100 players in the world (he is in 89th place) one interesting note is the steady, though rather slow rise of the pioneer of Philippine and Asian chess, GM Eugenio Torre. Do not blink, but Torre remains the second highest rated player in the country with an Elo rating points of 2561, his highest rating in more than 10 years and listed No. 349 among active players in the world! Mind you, the man is 57 years old but still able to hold his ground against the challenges of our young, computer savvy players. As for GM Eugene Torre, chess begins at 50.

Philippines top 20 players


Mika said...

The man could breach the 2600 before he turns 60!

y-b-e-i said...

phinoy sure had excellent chess players!

Tony said...

Yes, go for it GM Eugene! Have a good tournament in the Asian event in Subic this May!

Anonymous said...

Mika, your prediction is very much possible. Who knows, GM Torre could be the first chess player to break that mark at such age!