Friday, April 17, 2009

Karjakin to play for Russia?

This isn't possibly a late April Fool's Day joke entry am I right?

This news first brought to our attention through Chessdom but the original post first appeared at Chess Today. Could the youngest GM in history and possibly the next world chess champion is leaving mother Ukraine for good? I would like to hear what Vassily Ivanchuk has to say about the Karjakin's decision. We are well aware of Ivanchuk's extreme nationalism.

Yesterday Yury Vasilyev included in his ChessPro report from Nalchik the unofficial news that Sergey Karjakin will play for Russia in the near future.

Afterwards I spoke with Sergey's father Alexander who confirmed that it is not a secret, and such transfer is their intention. Alexander said that they have nothing against Ukraine, and they are grateful to everyone who helped them in the past...

...Petrov also agreed, however, that it is not possible to hold Karjakin in the Ukrainian federation against Sergey's will. From my side, I must add that it has been known for a long time that most (if not all) leading Ukrainian players have a strong feeling that they do not earn enough money inside the country.

In general, despite all efforts, there is still not enough money in Ukrainian chess for such strong players that we have. I am not sure if a more detailed analysis is of interest to the international readers... If some sixty our leading players move to the Russian, Slovenian federation, etc., then I will obtain a realistic chance to play for the national team and maybe even will read the Olympic Charter in this case.

Again, the nightmare that Filipino chess fans is having after April 1 will surely haunt us again for many years to come.

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