Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fish be with You

This humble looking yellow and blue fin tuna from Quezon fish market can actually help you to become a better chess player.

No longer an urban legend. Fish, it really is chess players food.

We know about the claims that eating fish would make you smarter. Now new research HERE says those claims may be right. So what's the good news? The Philippines is an Archipelago folks and one of the biggest exporter of tuna in the world! Freshly caught tuna, in particular is relatively cheap (most are no more than P130 per kilo), tasty and and more importantly, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that are the richest source of a type of fat that is vital to normal brain development and is known to keep brain cell membranes healthy and appears to aid communication within brain cells. You couldn't get any better than that. So you can eat well and keep your brain sharp by adding more fatty fish like tuna and sardines which are abound and quite cheap in local market. Of course there are mackerel, salmon, if you can afford them, (which I can't) to add to your eating plan. Fact: World Chess Champions like GMs Vaselin Topalov and Vishwanathan Anand rarely eat meat from pork or beef except fish.

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