Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 Philippine Inter-Cities Chess Team Championship round 8

Somebody dropped me an email last night offering me the PGN and photos of the tournament in exchange for a fee. Much have I wish to have those stuffs in this blog for our readers and friends, I'm afraid I can't pay for anything, at least at these moment. ChessHeroes is entirely a "volunteer" effort and therefore I cannot pay anyone if you provide me with your content. May I reiterate that I'm not earning a single penny from this blog. Thanks anyway for the offer but I'm afraid I have to decline. But I can somehow assure you that this blog is more than willing to pay for your effort than the NCFP website ;). Nonetheless, I hope you will continue on what you are doing for chess in the country. Wish you luck!

Now on to Tarlac. More upsets in the tournament. Round 8, GM Mark Paragua of Valenzuela team, rank no. 4 in the country but hmm... fast becoming as the no.1 favorite target of lower rank/rated players this year, suffer another set back at the hands of Rolando Andador of PNP-NHQ. So after eight rounds, two teams share the lead: Quezon City and PNP-NHQ. Other results and details can be read at GMANews.TV

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