Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chess and Insomnia do not mix

I could not think of a more torturous situation for an athlete of any kind than playing a standard (with increment, to make things even worse) or classical chess games if you are hardly getting enough sleep for days. This is one of those time that short draws plays important role on one's strategy. I personally believe that if you have scheduled games the following day and your opponent is rated more or less the same as you do, he or she has already won half the game. No amount of caffeine and energy drink can help you to bring back your energy and concentration. A good night sleep is a must for everyone who want to become a master of the game.

Not long ago I knew only too well the misery of insomnia. For a long time I simply couldn't get to sleep at night and would lie in bed wide-awake wishing in vain for sleep to come. More often than not I'd get up again after an hour or more and potter around the house for a while before returning to bed. Eventually of course I would manage to sleep, but what little sleep I did get didn't seem to be doing me much good. I've been doing constant research for years on how to cure this problem. I listed below some insomnia techniques which I'm sure you've probably tried but are still worth trying again.

-Imagine it's time to get up -You know how delicious that feeling is in the morning when it's time to get up but you're so tired and your eyes are very heavy and you shouldn't do it but you just want to fall right back to sleep for a few minutes more?

-visualize something boriiiing -The beauty of it is you can turn a negative into a positive

-stomach rub -This soothes down the digestive system and helps to bring about a deeper relaxation.

-Toe wiggling -According to the science of Reflexology -- which has been around in other cultures for thousands of years -- your feet are a kind of master control panel for the rest of your body.

-Sleep with your head facing north -This aligns your body with the magnetic field of the planet, bringing your own energies into harmony with those of the Earth

Good luck! Have a pleasant sleep!

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