Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday Everyone!

Holy Week was over and yours truly is back from summer vacation which I truly deserved. In my view, I do not consider that the Holy Week is more of a religious commemoration other than cultural tradition for the majority of Filipinos who observed the week. Anyways, since I'm officially back at home, it's time for this blog to hit the road once again.

Of course the biggest news for this week is the start of the 2009 Philippine Inter-Cities and Municipalities Team Championship which will kick off today at Tarlac City. I haven't clarify at this moment if Wesley So will be competing in the tournament but with or without Wesley, I'm pretty sure that the tourney will received the same amount of attention as other tourney Wesley participated with in the country.

For complete details of the tournament, please visit GMANews.TV

But there's a tradition such as Easter Sunday Fool's day joke?

CH wishes everyone a happy and blessed Easter Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Holy Week IS over.

Catolos said...

Sure. Some mental lapses. I guess I would need to hire a proof reader and an editor in the future ;)