Saturday, February 28, 2009

GM Dejan Bojkov wins 73rd Bulgarian Individual Championship

Readers of this blog may still remember GM Dejan Bojkov, one of the live games commentators from who annotated one of the live games of GM Wesley So during the Corus C tournament. ChessHeroes had conducted an interview with Mr. Bojkov a couple of weeks ago regarding his thoughts about Wesley's triumph in his group and the game So-Holzke he annotated. Guess what, the guy had just won a tough tournament in Bulgaria a few days ago, the 73rd Bulgarian Individual Championship. Bojkov wrote:

After 11 rounds both Boris Chatalbashev and me shared the lead with 9 points. However, I lost in the penultimate round against the bronze medalist Momchil Nikolov, while Chatalbashev won against Petkov. Everything looked over, but Fortuna had left our three-time champion in the last round. Boris lost his final game, I won mine, and won the title for the first time due to my better tie-break!

Do check out Bojkov chess blog, he's doing extensive analysis of his games from the tournament. CH wishs to extend its congratulation to GM Dejan Bojkov latest success. Cheers!

-GM Dejan Bojkov Chess Blog
-ChessHeroes interview with GM Bojkov

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