Monday, February 9, 2009

Now that is quite embarrassing :)

Could anyone politely reminds these people that GM Wesley So is no longer the youngest GM in the world? Government officials, movie stars, and heck believe it or not, even local newspaper/online journalist keeps saying that Wesley is currently the youngest Grandmaster in the world. Even if he is still the youngest, there is no need to overcharge it over and over again. It's quite embarrassing, really, not only to Wesley himself but the whole of the Filipino chess community who are some of the most chess literate people around. The Philippines has already past its bragging rights of having the youngest GM in the world. Could someone take these celebrities (not in public, please) in one corner and politely whisper in their ears that even before Anish Giri of Russia became a GM last January during Corus tournament at age of 14 years, 7 months and two days, Wesley So no longer held that right to be called the youngest GM but it was Hou Yi Fan of China. Hou Yifan was already GM elect since August last year at the age of 14 years 6 months 2 days and that was five months before Anish Giri became a GM!

Hope this will finally settle the confusions. Made me want to remove my photo in this blog :)

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