Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February is a chess month.

Aeroflot, Linares, Topalov-Kamsky challengers match, all begins in the 16th of February? You must be kidding me. But I think it would be better if they broke up these super chess events in different time schedules or chess fans might deprived of great competitions in the coming months. 2009 Aeroflot. I'm not downplaying Wesley So's success at Corus C but comparing the fields at Aeroflot (GM A1), the C group is simply nowhere near the caliber of Aeroflot. I think that 2009 Aeroflot is the toughest tournament Wesley is competing thus far. I still consider the 2008 Dubai Open chess championship to be the biggest victory of his young career. Don't expect Wesley to wield some magic again by winning three or four straight in a row just like what he did in Corus or you'll into big disappointment. Wesley can win this thing, of course but also expect a couple of hard fought losses from our young chess hero. Just be prepared. On to Linares. I don't have the smallest idea on who will win the so called "Wimbledon" of chess. Definitely Anand is the sentimental favorite here being the back to back winners but we've seen so many super tournaments won by players seeded on the bottom half of the rankings. Now finally to Sofia for the Topalov - Kamsky Challenger match. There is no doubt in mind that Topalov will win the match though I like Kamsky better than Topalov. Prepare for the blockbuster Anand - Topalov championship match later this year.

Papa Kramnik where are you!

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let us see what your wesley so is really made of.