Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 Aeroflot Open: It's for all the glories and marbles

This is the real test of one's machismo. With 74 GMs (A1) 42 of them with ratings above 2600, the fields of 2009 Aeroflot reaches an almost epic proportion. It is always such a thrill to see so many chess tables lineup majestically like battlefields with top GMs rapt in their deepest thoughts. There is something of an Napoleonic air in that. Something heroic. Sure other "invite only" grand slam tournaments carries the same atmosphere but four or five tables doesn't have the same grandeur of what the Aerofolt participants will bring. Gear up folks, this tournament is going to be brutal. This is not the kind of "well learned politesse" chess have been known to be. Wesley must be mean here if he wants to win this thing. He must be arrogant in every victory, and revengeful in every defeat. He must.

ChessHeroes wishes GM Wesley So all the best in the world!

- 2009 Aerofolt Open official website

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