Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Aeroflot: So escaped with a victory

If the live coverage is to be believe, this was the case: Wesley was a pawn down and with a "much better position for Filipov", the Uzbek Grandmaster time expires before making his 40th moves. Apparently though, Wesley made a move(s) that forced his opponent to spent some time a thinking, right? Though I believe that might not be the case. There must be some problem with the transmission. Granting that So got lucky with this one, I remember the great Filipino pool player Efren Reyes once said: "The more I practice, the more I get lucky" ;)

Now to Sofia. We are not mistaken when we said that the Topalov-Kamsky will be a show case of offense vs defense? Their game 1 all proves that. This is going to be a very interesting series. Topalov unleashed a "novelty" in his 17th move to break Kamsky's defenses but to no avail. Psychologically I think Toplaov was beaten here. He throws everything at Kamsky but the American used his other "weapon", his nerve, to survived the Bulgarian's aggression. Interesting to see what Kamsky will do when he handles the white pieces.

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