Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Aeroflot 9th and final round: Just give us this one Wesley...

GM Wesley So had a convincing win yesterday against Chinese WGM Shen Yang, the second dame of chess Wesley had defeated in the tournament, then drew his game last night with GM Ajrapetjan. It was an interesting draw nonetheless. Looking closely at the final position of So-Ajrapetjan, it is obvious that somebody will take the match, one way or another, that's for sure should the game dragged on with pawn race but I guess playing safe is a wise choice for both players. It's just a matter of opinion on who will have the advantage should the game continued. I say it was a mutual draw though the game ended in threefold repetition. Nerves, nerves. In the final round of the tournament, Wesley So will be up against GM Zaven Andriasian (2564) of Armenia. Andriasian is a former 2005 European U-16 Youth Chess Champion and 2006 World Junior Champion. Braced for a good game between these two young promising GMs although I sense a drawn game. Wesley is aiming for a respectable top 15 finish should he win his final game against Andriasian tonight. Currently, So is tied from 17th to 36th place with 4.5 points.

Just give us this one Wesley!

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boy lopez said...

Yup. It could end in a quick draw. Everyone is exhausted so it won't be quite a surprise if the majority of the players decided to draw their final games.