Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prodigies leads Corus Chess

Sergei Karjakin survives Carlsen in a marathon game and draw their match to stay on top, David Navara defeats Francisco Vallejo and Wesley So produced his best performance of the tournament so far by crushing Mexican Manuel Leon Hoyos (Replay So-Hoyos match at chessdom. And so halfway through the tournament, three of the youngest grandmasters in history leads their respective groups. Sergei Karjakin (18), the youngest grandmaster in history at 12 years, 7 months leads Group A, David Navara (23) who became a grandmaster at 16 leads Group B, and Wesley So (15), the seventh youngest grandmaster in history at 14 years, 1 month, 28 days leads Group C. Fact is this three are some of my favorite players. Sergei Karjakin for his sheer talent and gentleness over the board, David Navara for his extreme politeness in victories and defeats (I wouldn't mind Wesley loosing to this well-mannered guy from the Czech Republic once in a while :) and of course the charm of Wesley So and for being a fellow Filipino. It is good to see that three of some of the most likable figures in today's ego infested chess world are within striking distance of winning their respective groups. Now who says good men finished last?

Standings after 6 rounds:

Corus A

1. S. Karjakin 4
2. L. Aronian, L. Dominguez, J. Smeets, T. Radjabov, S. Movsesian 3½
7. M. Carlsen, L. van Wely, G. Kamsky, M. Adams 3
11. D. Stellwagen, V. Ivanchuk 2½
13. Y. Wang 2
14. A. Morozevich 1½

Corus B

1. N. Short, D. Navara, R. Kasimdzhanov 4
4. A. Volokitin, A. Motylev, Z. Efimenko, F. Caruana 3½
8. F. Vallejo Pons 3
9. Y. Hou, K. Sasikiran, D. Reinderman, J. Werle 2½
13. E. l'Ami 2
14. H. Mecking 1

Corus C

1. W. So 4½
2. T. Hillarp Persson, M. Bosboom 4
4. D. Howell, A. Gupta 3½
6. D. Harika, F. Holzke, A. Bitalzadeh 3
9. O. Romanishin, A. Giri, E. Iturrizaga 2½
12. F. Nijboer, M. Leon Hoyos, R. Pruijssers 2

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