Monday, January 19, 2009

Corus Chess 2009 round 3: Wesley So Live at Chessdom

Filipinos and people from anywhere else on the planet who are following the progress of this young talent from the far east will get another chance to view live and commented games of GM Wesley So tonight at 13:30 CET that is around 9:30 pm Manila time through chessdom. Having succesfully resisted the furious onslaught of two of the most battle hardened veteran in the group, So will be paired this time against another up and coming star from Russia, 14 year old FM Anish Giri (2469). Meanwhile the voting for round 4 is now open, submit your votes HERE. The players with most votes will be commented live in the next round.

-Anish Giri -Wesley So Live game at chessdom
-Corus Chess 2009 official website


Anonymous said...

I can't follow the links you provided on the voting. It maybe a broken link.

Catolos said...

Sorry about that :) yes I inserted a broken link. thanks for informing. I already fixed it up please follow the links again or go directly to site. just copy and paste it in the URL