Saturday, January 10, 2009

More about this blog

I am no chess journalist. I keep a chess blog like this one but I am no chess journalist nor have a degree in journalism though I read a lot and have a knack for researching, especially chess. I'm not associated with any chess journalist group/association anywhere else though I would love to lend a hand in the near future if my time allows. My blog is a free site for everyone and its content are also free to reproduce even without my permission ;) I'm not a chess blog hobbyist either since I took chess blogging seriously with great pains and expressing honest opinions other than presenting facts is my passion. Comments are most welcome. ChessHeroes is created out of intuition- inspired by the bloom of the new age of Philippine chess that had started a couple of years back. We are enjoying an exciting years in chess so far and I want to be part of it. Philippines is a chess nation and there are hardly a serious sites, excepts blogs and forums perhaps that is totally dedicated to chess in the Philippines. My blog is also free of any Google advertisement at the moment nor I ask for any donations (except for PAWS).

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cheska said...

well put. good luck!