Saturday, January 17, 2009

Corus Chess Round 1 pairings

GM Wesley So (2627) first round assignment is the local bet, GM Friso Nijboer (2560) of the Netherlands. You can view the live game of So-Nijboer tonight complete with commentaries and analysis by GM Dimitrov, GM Iotov, and IM Perunovic through Chessdom. Great that it is Sunday tomorrow so expect a long night for me!

Pairings round 1

Corus A round 1

D. Stellwagen - S. Movsesian
M. Carlsen - T. Radjabov
L. Aronian - W. Yue
V. Ivanchuk - J. Smeets
S. Karjakin - A. Morozevich
L. van Wely - L. Dominguez
G. Kamsky - M. Adams

Corus B round 1

H. Yifan - R. Kasimdzhanov
K. Sasikiran - E. l'Ami
D. Reinderman - F. Vallejo Pons
N. Short - J. Werle
A. Volokitin - F. Caruana
H. Mecking - Z. Efimenko
A. Motylev - D. Navara

Corus C round 1

T. Hillarp Persson - R. Pruijssers
D. Howell - M. Bosboom
F. Nijboer - W. So live on Chessdom!
O. Romanishin - A. Bitalzadeh
A. Giri - F. Holzke
A. Gupta - D. Harika
E. Iturrizaga - M. Leon Hoyos

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