Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Corus Chess shortest games

Corus Chess 2009 hostilities is set to begin in nine days time, January 15 and since GM Wesley So will be one of the top attractions not only in the local chess community but to the whole of the chess world as well, I think it would be fitting to get a glimpse from some of the most interesting, behind the scene events. As I was browsing the site, I came upon this very interesting link about the shortest games in the history of the tournament. Games that ends short, I mean very very short, always bring a demonic smiles upon our face right? We couldn't help but utter some chuckles on the losers total lack of attention that lead to his early knock out (in boxing terms 60 seconds of the very first round) or just be simply amazed at the magics spelled by the winners over the board. There's something humorous, funny and farcical about the short games. Come on guys, just like boxing or any mixed martial arts sports, we loved violence in chess as we loved seeing an early knock out in boxing. Below is a selection of devastating early "knock outs" which I picked myself (below 15 moves) for us to enjoy!


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