Sunday, January 4, 2009

In a Lion's Den

Lie: awe, star struck...bullied

Only the lions were not so friendly this time. And he expects no mercy after all.

That must be what Norwegian Kjetil Lie is in a situation right now at Aker Chess Challenge in Norway. And he knew it, even before he was thrown into the den. Loosing four in a row in as many games against some of the fiercest chess competitors of the game at these moment, Lie certainly has no room to escape the raging Lions that are feasting on him. He was thrice mated in one or two in his games against Svidler, Nakamura and Carlsen and with just two more rounds left, I sometimes doubt that Lie would even be able to salvage a single draw. It would be a "shame" for the three big bad lions to let escape a hapless, sacrificial lamb. Of course it was not an embarrassing, if not uncomfortable situation for Norway's no. 3 player as he was up against 2700+ super talented players. But being bullied here and there with almost showing no fierce resistance at all is a different story. Like Daniel who was praying for some divine interference for way of escape and salvation from these Lions of chess.

Below is three "mate in one and two" games of Kjetil Lie for your enjoyment.

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