Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wesley So press conference interview

Wesley So facing the cameraman and photographers before the start of the interview

Hi everyone. Here's the day six interview of GM Wesley So at Dresden Olympiad press conference. But be warn. The interview is quite a bit unclear perhaps Susan Polgar or Wesley hardly understand each other or Susan just simply miss interpret what Wesley is trying to explain during the course of the whole interview. When asked on how long chess have been popular in the Philippines, of which Wesley replied that it was only in 2006 when Prospero Pichay took office at the NCFP! Jose Rizal, Antonio Luna, Marcelo H. Del Pilar and the whole bunch of Katipuneros played chess regularly! Here's the rest of the interview I got from Dresden Olympiad webstie:

"I am very happy to be the youngest grandmaster in the world," said So, explaining that chess only became popular in 2006 with the election of chess-backers in his country's government. So is just entering the fold of top-level competition. Even though he has never played in an invitational tournament (his first will be the Corus "C" group next year), he is clearly not intimidated here. So has not lost a game, and in his first ever matches against 2700s, he beat Chinese GM Ni Hua and drew GM Alexei Shirov (against whom he played the Sicilian Rossolimo for the first time in his life).

GM Susan Polgar referenced So's countryman GM Eugenio Torre when she said, "I hope you follow in his footsteps." Torre's imprint is large – in 1976 he became Asia's first grandmaster and he has represented the Philippines in a staggering 19 consecutive Olympiads (though this is the first year he has been absent since he began his streak in 1970).

Chess correspondences in Dresden reports that the interview is nothing but "unclear" and "uneventful". Anyway it's good to see that So is slowly getting the hang now in facing the international chess media.

The video is still unavailable at the moment. Here's the link for more photos of the press conference

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