Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Philippines is no. 1 (in Chess Olympiad reports)

The Philippines is chess media

Here's a consolation: The Dresden Olympiad organizers reported that the Philippines leads other countries with most reports about the 2008 Olympiad even before the start of the actual competitions!

“In the home country of Eugenio Torre and Florencio Campomanes, more than twice as many Olympiad reports have been published. Most reports on the Dresden Olympiad have been written in the Philippines. Several articles have appeared in the country’s newspapers, websites and blogs almost every week.” the report said.

The other nations leading the publication rankings are India, United States, Nigeria and Argentina.

And ChessHeroes are proud to be part of these new global Pinoy force! Cheers!

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Abel said...

that only shows that we Filipinos remains one of the top followers of the game. Yes, Cheers!