Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chinese star Wang Yue on course to make history

The making of the next great Asian champion

Do not blink. But according to recent reports from our friends over there at Chessdom, Chinese chess hero and current FIDE Grand Prix leader, Wang Yue is only less than a dozen games away from breaking former world champion Mikhail Tal's record of the longest streak without a lost game. He remains unbeaten since March 4 this year and never taste a single loss for the past 82 games he played! And that games were all top competitions. Chessdom also added that Wang's game streak: " equal to Vladimir Kramnik's series of 82 games in the period January 1999 - July 2000. Mikhail Tal signed the top two records: 86 games in the period July 1972 - April 1973 and 93(!) games between October 1973 - October 1974. It should be added that the great Jose Raul Capablanca was immune from February 1916 until March 1924, but "only" over the course of 63 games."

To many Filipino chess followers, he is still best remember as one time winner of Philippines International Open Chess Championship in Subic Bay Freeport Zone last April 2007. Wang Yue is currently world's 9th rank player with 2750,6 points, the highest ever ranking a Chinese player has achieved and the second highest rated Asian ever after Anand.

-Photo from Wikipedia

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