Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wesley So a no show in press conference in Dresden

Filipino chess correspondence in Dresden reported that GM Wesley So was scheduled to appear in press conference yesterday hosted by Susan Polgar, but So failed to show up. This may be somewhat unacceptable but for me it's quite understandable. I guess Wesley has yet to come up with the facts that he's beginning to captured the attention of chess afficionados in the European soil. He still feel insecure after all and remains a camera shy as ever. I remember last March at the Battle of Grandmasters here in Manila, Wesley, then fourteen, would literally run away from TV reporters (ABS-CBN) toward his father as if seeking protection! Also Wesley shouldn't be concerned about the language barrier. With the exception of perhaps Magnus Carlsen, most chess prodigies these days are horrible in English. Hou Yifan, Karjakin, Nguyen Ngoc truong son, Bacrot and Radjabov are just some of the examples :) We will all love to see Wesley introduced himself in the big stage!


chesspatzer blog said...

wesley should not give big deal on how he speak english, baka di sya masyado articulate or di kagandahan ang punto nya sa english, bali wala yon!

si susan polgar immigrant din yan sa US.mi punto din ang english ni susan polgar. lahat ng immigrant dito may punto mag salita at hindi tuwid ang english, buti pa dito sa canada di ako nahiya sa english ko baka ibalik mo ako dyan sa pinas mahiya pa ako makipag usap sa mga social na pinoy sa englisan, lol.

iba ang mentality ng tao pag dating sa langguage dito, just express youre self.

yong pag indian nya sa media di maganda yon, wesley should learn from that, dapat magaling sya sa pag deal sa media mas lalo na kay miss polgar na malakas ang influence.

Catolos said...

time and time he'll build more confidence outside the board. He have to. He's a star now.