Saturday, June 27, 2009

IM Oliver Barbosa's incredible stamina

The next time you see IM Oliver Barbosa and you want to know what's his secrets to his success in his US campaign, make sure you don't forget to ask how he managed to keep his little frame of body in top shape. You may want to ask him what foods he eats in between tournaments, how many hours he jogged each day and everything one need to know about physical and mental conditioning. Goodness me, I don't care what kind of openings, strategy or psychological warfare (if he's doing that, but I doubt) he's using against his opponents. All I want to know is how he keeps himself healthy and fit! Oliver captured and co shared 17 title to date in a span of just 3 months. I'm pretty sure he had join over 20 tournaments not just 17. He couldn't possibly win them all in straight fashion right? Sure, some of them were blitz and rapids but boy, you need to be one heck of perfectly fit individual to achieved what he has done...thus far.

I got to talk to this guy when he returns home. I must.

From an email to us by sports journalist, NM Marlon Bernardino:

(0919) 849-3648

MANILA, Philippines---FILIPINO International Master Oliver Barbosa won his 17th title in the US chess circuit on Tuesday, after ruling the 2nd Annual NY International Chess Championships at the Marshall Chess Club in New York, New York, USA.

The Taytay, Rizal native finished 6.5 points on account of five wins, three draws and a loss in nine outings, the same output of GM Georgi Kacheisvili, GM Zbyneil Hracek, GM Alexander Stripunsky, and IM Samuel Shankland.

Former Asian Junior Champion IM Renato Naranja wound up into a tie for 33rd placers along with eight others in the group of 3.5 pointers in the 55 players tournament.

Barbosa, playing under the banner of NCFP president Prospero "Butch" Pichay Jr., and New York Immigration lawyer Geronimo "Gerry" Albano will next see action in the tough 37th Annual World Open Chess Championship on July 1 to 5 at the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center Hotel in Downtown, Philadelphia.

Last week, the top player of University of the Philippines (UP) also scored back to back wins at the “June St. John's Masters” last June 16 and the “Get Ready for June 25th Tonight Chess Championships” last June 18, both held at the heart of Big Apple.

According to RP artists champion Albert Rivera (Barbosa spokesman), other victory of Barbosa in his three-months campaign in the United States from April to June were that includes Original 4 rated Games Tonight, New York, New York (April 9), Marshall CC Saturday Game 60, Marshall Chess Club, New York (April 11), Marshall CC Sunday Game 60, Marshall Chess Club, New York (April 12), 10 Grand Prix Points Tonight , New York, New York (April 16), Original 4 rated Games Tonight, New York, New York (April 23), 10th Bowyer Memorial GP , Atlantic Beach, New York (April 25), 10 Points Older Tonight, New York, New York (May 7), PCC 05109 Swiss in Forest Hills, New York (May 10), Original 4 rated Games Tonight, New York, New York (May 21), NY May Open, New York, New York (May 24), Polgar Chess May 2009 G90, Forest Hills, New York (May 26), Original 4 rated Games Tonight, New York, New York (May 28), Original 4 rated Games Tonight, New York, New York (June 11) and 6th Annual George Washington Open (June 14) in Sterling, Virginia. NATIONAL MASTER MARLON BERNARDINO

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