Saturday, June 6, 2009

GM Bong Villamayor: Yes we can!

GM Villamayor, training director of NCA, spearheading the establishment of National Chess Academy through NCFP-DepEd chess in school program.

If some of us are still baffle, confuse or tormented by the recent NCFP-DepEd tandem and still viewing the program in blurred picture, I say it's about time to finally hang up our gloves on this issue and let's accept the fact that there are times that other opinions and insights are better than ours if not matters most. Now let us hear what the experienced and the patrician of Philippine chess has to say. Here's a good example from an interview conducted by F.A. Buenaventura of Philippine Chess Chronicles blog to GM Buenaventura "Bong" Villamayor who, together with GM Eugene Torre was tapped by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to oversee the establishment of NCA or National Chess Academy in response to DepEd's need for chess experts to teach chess enthusiast in the communities. Also in the interview, Villamayor talks about his chess career spanning nearly three decades. His surprised discovery of chess, his stint in Singapore and his eventual return to the country. A must read!

PCC: Optimism is in the air for the coming school year because of the Chess in the Schools in the Philippines, do you really believe it will provide chess the necessary development in the grassroots?

Yes because once chess is implemented in schools, awareness will grow and more kids especially in the provinces will be able to learn and play. And with the tie-up of the DEPED-NCFP, activities for the interested will increase. Respective local groups can be more motivated in doing and helping out.

PCC: What are the pitfalls you can see ahead?

Villamayor: Well let’s say, if we don’t define each other’s role and they become overlapping, conflict of interest will emerge and this is not good for the whole program.

Please read the rest of the interview with GM Villamayor by the Philippine Chess Chronicles HERE.

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