Wednesday, June 17, 2009

John Paul Gomez rules Palawan Open

Curiously, only one GM would want to re-visit the most beautiful island in the entire archipelago.

Photo from Wikipedia

GM John Paul Gomez, the third rank player in the country behind Wesley So and Eugene Torre had just won the less publicized Palawan Baragatan Open in Puerto Princesa. Barely. Gomez actually had to share the top spot with two others, IM Richard Bitoon and IM Rolando Nolte. I was surprise that only one GM participated in the event considering the decent amount of cash prizes that was at stake here. Not to mention the beauty of the place. Sole winner could take home nearly a quarter of a million pesos or P220,000. Gomez, Bitoon and Nolte divided the top prize and each will received P 73,000 in cash. Not bad! You can enjoy three days Safari from the island in less than P10,000. Would love to see their photos with spitting monkeys and giant bats about the size of a full grown cat. That would be a sight to see.

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