Thursday, June 18, 2009

IM Oliver Barbosa's US campaign

Now we see the reason why IM Oliver Barbosa has not been very active in local chess scene since Barley Rapid Open chess championship last February where he finished tied for second behind So and missing major tournaments like the prestigious Asian Continental championship in Subic. The guy is campaigning in the US for a series of tournaments where competition are somewhat less tougher but raining with prizes. Recently, he was crowned the overall champion in the 6th Annual George Washington Open International Chess Championships held from June 13-14 in Virginia, his 14th title in three months according to the article by veteran chess journalist Marlon Bernardino from and Hope to see IM Barbosa to bring home more goodies from his US campaign.

While his 14th US chess title was won in Virginia, Barbosa’s 13 other triumphs were all clinched in New York.

He won at the Original 4 rated Games Tonight (April 9), Marshall CC Saturday Game 60 (April 11), Marshall CC Sunday Game 60 (April 12), 10 Grand Prix Points Tonight (April 16), Original 4 rated Games Tonight (April 23), and 10th Bowyer Memorial GP (April 25).

Barbosa went on to succeed at the 10 Points Older Tonight (May 7), PCC 05109 Swiss in Forest Hills (May 10), Original 4 rated Games Tonight (May 21), NY May Open (May 24), Polgar Chess May 2009 G90 (May 26), Original 4 rated Games Tonight (May 28) and Original 4 rated Games Tonight (June 11).

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