Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sham chess bloggers

Remember guys when I mentioned that I'm switching to a new blog address at c****p*lse? Well guess what. I was shock when I found out this morning that somebody has already taken my new blog address which I will never ever mention again! This sham chess bloggers stole the site address believing that readers of this blog is actually viewing a new blog from ChessHeroes I previously mentioned! It's pretty obvious that he stole it because it never appeared on the web two days ago. No c****p*lse for chessheroes . Forget that I'm switching. We'll stick with chessheroes! So you call yourself a chess blogger? Shame on you if you think you are one.


Anonymous said...

You should switch much earlier so they won't have time to take it themselves. Yes it may be a scam for the blog never turn green on my McAfee siteadvisor meaning that the blog was never thoroughly scroll.


boy lopez said...

You should take it as a complement actually meaning your blog is quite popular. LOL!

Eroica said...

Hi everyone thanks for participating,
that was a shocker actually. I never once thought that everything will end this way. LOL!

NM Boy Lopez, my good friend I'll be at MCC Open this coming December as a preparatory tournament for 2009. I assure you. trenta anyos na rin ako at baka mag stop na rin yung development ng mga neurons sa utak kaya kelangan ko na rin bumalik sa OTB tournaments paminsan minsan. Kita na lang tayo dun sa December p're.

chesspatzer blog said...

You should have registered the account right away.

Did you try to confront the guy?Its better to go on blogging on these address since your started having followers on it.

Eroica said...

hi chesszpatzer thanks for dropping by. I was a bit scared at first if you asked me.I thought that my blog was hacked. You're right, I should have switch right away but we're on the process of re designing my blog because if it does not work here at my current blog, I will switch to a new blog site.

Anonymous said...

how can you be so sure if they really stole the blog address from you? Hundreds of blogs are being created every minute. On the one hand I don't think it is pure coincidence. Maybe somebody has taken advantage of your long delays to register.