Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leko is Kramnik's second (Anand will pick Carlsen?)

Fighting times: Leko - Kramnik 2004 WCC

They were both mortal rivals before and fought an epic championship match in 2004. Now they are allies and will work together in the same camp. Setting their ego's aside, Kramnik hired his old antagonist, Peter Leko to help him for his upcoming championship match with Indian grandmaster and current world champion, Viswanathan Anand two days from now. There is a rumor that Anand's would be second (it remains a secret) is no other than the 17 yeard old phenom, Magnus Carlsen. If this were to be true, experience wise, I guess Kramnik has already gain a decisive strategical advantage in this area even before the first piece on the board was ever move. I can't find any good second for Kramnik other than Leko. Leko has the experience of playing a World championship final against Kramnik. So, he is well-versed with the preparation for such matches. No doubt that Carlsen is one of the best tactician of the game right now and devilishly very agressive, on the oher hand, talented as Carlsen he is, I am not convince he's talent would be of great help to Anand's preparation against Kramnik. Anand is just fond of Carlsen, that's all. Perhaps, correlating himself this early with the future world champion or even to gain a huge popular fan support. The same way McCain did when he chooses the popular Palin to be his running mate. But personally, I like what I'm seeing. This Kramnik-Leko relationship. Rarely you'll see two rivals sport personalities work together and help this very man who crushed his dreams to become a world champion himself not once but twice. Chess is a gentleman's sport after all so don't be surprise.

-World Chess Championship website
-Photo couresy of Kramnik's offical website

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