Friday, October 3, 2008

The strangest chess interview ever.

This is definitely one of the most naive interview I've ever seen. Conducting the interview is French GM Robert Fontaine. The girl is the 14 year old Chinese WGM Hou Yifan at Aeroflot Open, Moscow in February 2008. Who was this unfortunate interpreter remains a mystery. But obviously, Hou Yifan was telling him that GM Fontaine looks like a panda (3:28) . Starting at 2:50 :

Fontaine: Did I hear you say I look like a panda?
Interpreter: (explaining)
Hou Yifan: No (giggling) I didn't say that.
Fontaine: It's just a joke (game) yes?
Hou Yifan: Yes. :D.
Interpreter: what made you think that Hou?
Hou: Because he has this nose (pointing) that reminds me of a...
Interpreter: Go ahead he won't understand it
Hou: ...panda (3:28)
(Hou and the interpreter started laughing)
Fontaine: (baffled) What?

Just watch the whole video or you'll miss something. Enjoy, this is just for fun!


Anonymous said...

nice job eroica, that was funny. Especially the way Hou said "panzhia" at 3:28. it really sounds like she said panda! LOL!

boy lopez said...

That was a terrible interview!Anyway, it's nice to see some of the lighter sides of chess in your blog at least even once in while. That was refreshing. Does panda actually "pan-zhia" in Chinese?