Sunday, October 26, 2008

Very interesting blitz video

what do you think of this video? :)

almost every moves within the dying seconds are "unclear". Pieces falls, and then Akobian/Nakamura correct its place while opponents clock is already running. When Akobian put his pawn on the last rank he didn't promote it and push his clock. According to FIDE rules this is an illegal move. Instead, he had to stop his clock and fine a Queen (or any other piece to which he wanted to promote his pawn) and then, start his clock and promote the pawn.

If there's anything wrong with my analysis and observation, please feel free to correct me. Nevertheless, this is one of the most impressive blitz video I've ever seen full with commanding authority (Nakamura). Whooooh!


Anonymous said...

who eventually won the match? :)

Eroica said...

Akobian lost on time but Nakamura is obviously winning.