Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy days at the office

I haven't posted anything for 3 days now. Truth is our Head Engineer gave us all a friendly advice that we need to work triple time to be able to meet our deadlines before Friday. And I think we're on track on achieving that, thankfully. Staying at the office after the regular working hours (eight to five) is something I really hate to do but it's my job anyway. I'm working by the way, as a full time AutoCAD operator here in Manila and very few in the corporate world knows how back breaking this job can be especially if your working for a large construction company. I missed out so many events so far in the chess world. We have the the first two drawn games of Kramnik-Anand championship duel and the World Sports Mind Games in China. The live games and coverage of the latter, if you will ask me, I give a thumbs down. It's so disappointing. Anyway, we're back online and that's a piece of good news ;)

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