Friday, April 30, 2010

Paul Morphy’s NY Ledger Column from Saturday, February 11, 1860.

Here's another one for all chess history buff out there. From ChessCafe, Paul Morphy annotates a game for his column Chess Department on the New York Ledger and it dates 1860. Read his column here. The game Labourdonnais-McDonnell 1834, London England.

Many chess players are unaware that Paul Morphy wrote a chess column. From August 6, 1859 until August 4, 1860, Morphy “conducted the Chess Department” in the New York Ledger. There were fifty-two columns, and we have decided that it is time to share the writings of the nineteenth-century American genius with our readers. Please note that the original column used an antiquated form of English descriptive notation. We have taken the liberty of converting all the moves to algebraic notation and adding a diagram or two where appropriate. In addition, Morphy’s annotations were given at the very end of the game, referenced by letter. We have merged them into the game. We hope you enjoy Morphy’s NY Ledger Column...

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