Monday, April 5, 2010

Gata Kamsky wins 2010 Philadelphia Open, Mark Paragua finished tied 5-10

Gata Kamsky, the top seed of the tournament won the Philadelphia Open on tie break points. America's newest chess sensation and the country's youngest grandmaster in history, 15 year old Ray Robson settled second over all with similar 7.0 points together with Gata Kamsky, Alex Stripunsky, and Sergey Kudrin. Pinoys campaigning in the tourney, GM Mark Paragua finished a respectable 6 1/2 points to settle tie from 5th to 10th place (8th overall). IM Angelo Young, a long time Chicago residence wounded up in 19th place with 6.0 points. The tournament saw the participation of one hundred twenty eight players, fifteen of them were grandmasters.

Final standings after nine rounds is HERE
Philadelphia 2010 website
Photo gallery of participants

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